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https://www.facebook.com/WesleyHighSchoolDominica/videos/1347446208711750/ The new term assembly for the Wesley High School

As the year comes closer and closer to the end....I ve grown even much more as a Leader, as the Commander of the Roseau Unit....2016 was a bless year....Am not saying we didn t have our struggles, mountains to climb, valleys to cross, yes we did, but it was indeed a bless yelding Our Spiritual Foundations, As We Overcome Battlwant to thank our Chief Crusader (God) for the children and young people he place in our care...oh my my I don t even know how to being, what a wonderful bunch we have of children and young people.... They have taught even more how to be a wonderful leader to them...sometimes they get me vex, but most times they put a smile on my face :) and happy tears to my eyes oh that surprise birthday party lolol, I ll catch all you... when I look at our unit I know I take care of of them but little do I know they take care of me also...and 2016 we have work together through it all....how much I love them and how much the love me even more......also my officers we may not always agree on certain things but when it comes to the Unit we make things work, I love you guys to....thank you for your love and strong support throughout 2016....As I always say to all, you all make me the proudest Commander alive.....2017 God spear our lives is going to be even greater watch out........ Love you all Your Commander A Jno Baptiste