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@FloodGates 2017-12-28

Prophet Shaun Blignaut PROPHETIC COUNSEL BEFORE WE STEP INTO 2018: *What would sustain us as a church- community in the coming years? *What is the pattern for generational building? *What is the perpetual cycle for ministry and development of those under our care? JESUS understood the needs of the crowds and He met those needs through signs, wonders, miracles and a supply of bread...that s the equivalent of CONFERENCING & CAMPAIGNS He ministered deeper truths unto the 70... that s the equivalent of SCHOOLS! However, Jesus had 12! *His method was men not activity! *He prayerfully selected 12, poured Himself into them through a process of close ASSOCIATION and IMPARTATION! He understood His purpose was to PREPARE men (SONS) who WOULD and COULD sustain His life, His character, His functionality and HIS ministry long after He ascended to the Right Hand of The Father. (Rendering Himself into obscurity, hiddenness and invisibility) His exaltation, coronation and glorification brought Him into a position and posture of REST AND DIVINE OVERSIGHT OVER THE ENTIRE WORK! while His selected sons DID THE WORK ON EARTH HE WAS COMMISSIONED BY THE FATHER TO DO! He understood that through succession and generational transfer His purpose and mission would be contained, sustained and perpetuated! That is why He stated to The Father in Jn.17:4-6: Before He went to the Cross:ave glorified You on the earth. I HAVE FINISHED THE WORK WHICH YOU HAVE GIVEN ME TO DO. And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was. I HAVE MANIFESTED YOUR NAME to the men whom You have given Me out of the worich work did He finish BEFORE He went to the Cross?: (1) He prepared 12 to contain and sustain His mission and purpose on earth. (2) He introduced the 12 to His Father by revealing the Father s Person, nature and character to them. This was the completion of His work, BEFORE He went to the Cross! THE PROCESS OF JESUS: HE SELECTED 12: (the principle of the twelve) (1)He was in close ASSOCIATION with them (2)He TRANSFERRED WHO HE was, WHAT HE was, WHY HE was through IMPARTATION unto them! (3)He revealed His method through DEMONSTRATION unto them. (4)His objective was REPRODUCTION of Himself in them. (5)And by means of COMMISSIONING them He expected MULTIPLICATION of Himself through their ministry and functionality! These issues should become imperatives that define our ministries 2018 and beyond! Shaun Blignaut

@TGNC Namibia 2017-12-03

#GoodNewsOscarsUpdates As the night drew to a classic close, the best GoodNewsOscars EVER, @pst_ellen daughter of The God Parents of the Prophetic Movement @UebertAngel & @BeverlyUAngel awards kept rolling out in style #GoodNews #UebertAngel #BeverlyUAngel #ChurchOfClass #KingdomAddicts #Namibia #Church

The unfolding of the Grand Plan of God for the nation, your family and your individual life!!! It is possible to live His dream for your life!!! At GCBC we pursue the fulfilment of the grand plan of the Master for our lives and society. One day at a time. One service at a time. One gathering at a time. Join us every Sunday at 10:00. We after such supernatural spectacular!!!!

Was wonderful having Pastor Daniel Exler, He gave a Christ centered word to never give up and look to the Perfect One Jesus Christ. He gave his testimony on an incurable disease he had and the Lord healed him, 14 years ago. Glory to God. Isaiah 53:5

Hier is Galasiers 1:6-10 se bybel studie. Geniet dit, ek probeer nog n opname maak wat gesien of geluister kan word.

https://youtu.be/7e6OMvASeOM Good Morning Fam!!! May your response be praise over your problems

@Huis Maerua 2017-08-29

Market Day at Huis Maerua. Unique products, excellent food, coffeeshop, Pancake Brunch, live entertainment and much much more! Book your stall (061 383250)

@Agapé Windhoek 2017-08-11

The Global Leadership Summit in Windhoek will be held at Agapé Windhoek 20-21 October! Early bird registration is open untill 31 August 2017 at: www.glsnamibia.org Only 320 seats available.

She has been spoiling us the whole year,now it is our turn for us to do it for her, mom is very special,

@Men s Camp 2016-02-16

The Awaken Women’s Conference and the Men’s Camps are becoming regional events, planned and hosted by Shofar congregations in their areas and each region will have the opportunity to decide whether they have the capacity to do so. Read our blog post for more information!