Darbar Hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh رحمتہ اللہ علیہ

Opposite Bhatti Gate, Old City, Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan-54000

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Data Darbar, Data Gunj Bakhsh علی بن عثمان الجلابی الهجویری الغزنوی رحمتہ اللہ


Hazrat Syed Ali bin Usman Hajweri, RA, popularly known as Data Ganj Bakhsh ( Bestower of Spiritual Treasures ) or in common langauage; simply - Data Darbar Lahore, belonged to a place called Hajwer in the town of Ghazni, Afghanistan. He lived during the 5th century AH ( 11th century AD ), and was well versed in all the Islamic sciences such as Tafsir; ( exegesis ) of the Holy Qur an, Hadith; ( Traditions of the Prophet ), Fiqh; ( Muslim Law ) and dogmatic theology; ( Ilmu Kalam ). Al Hajweri s spiritual lineage traces back to Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, RA, through the three intermediaries al-Husri, an-Nasrabi and Shibli.


Data Darbar (or Durbar), located in the city of Lahore, Pakistan is one of the oldest Muslim shrines in the sub-continent. It houses the remains of a Sufi saint, Abul Hassan Ali Hajvery (more commonly known as Daata Ganj Baksh, meaning the master who best


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