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Pastoral Letter from the Bishops in Sierra Leone on the March 7 General Elections.

Agape Outreach Ministries,HQ Sunday 5th November, 2017. Rev Patrick Williams Sermon title: *I WAS MADE FOR MISSION!* Scripture: Mattew 28:18-20. *Introduction* Most believers are not aware of the need for discipleship. The Church has not emphasized the need for discipleship hence the church raised are not fully equipped and knowledgeable and there has been a shift in the thinking of church. The current lack of sober and solid believers is as a result of lack of discipleship. Failed marriages, unreliable believers, compromised believers and a host of church goers instead of true believers is partly due to the lack of discipleship. In his book PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE. Rick Warren highlights who a disciple is. 1. Pleasing God every day, this is true WORSHIP. They realized that they are created for his pleasure Rev. 4:11 2. Active member of a local body of believers, which is FELLOWSHIP They understand that they are formed for a family. 1 Cor 1:9. 1 John 1:3 3. Learning to be more Christ-like in their behavior every day, which is DISCIPLESHIP They realize they are created to become like Christ. Acts 11:26 4. Serving sacrificially within the local body of believers, which is MINISTRY. They know how they have been shaped for service and live it out continually.Gal 5:13. 5. Sharing God’s love, forgiveness and hope with people who do not know Christ, which is MISSIONS They declare openly and confidently, *“I was made for a mission.”* *HOW DOES ONE MAKE DISCIPLES?.* We are called to MAKE them. 1. It has to be deliberate and intentional as a church. ( Jesus’ example) Matt 4:18-22 2. Need for Believers to pay attention and make it a priority on discipleship and mission. (Pay the price and heed the call). Matt 4:18-22, Matt 5.... 3. Create the platform for discipleship and mission. (involve in ministry to learn and grow) Luke 9:1 4. It will require sacrifice and discipline from all. Luke 14:33 *Conclusion.* This is the true purpose of your life and the purpose of the church! If your life is all about yourself, your career, your money, your prosperity, you have missed the whole purpose of life! The growth(in size and depth) of the local church would only be realized when members are engaged in deliberate discipleship and missions intentionally.

Activities have been on going since the Mudslide/flooding disaster on August 14 2017 by the PSS staff of the commission;basic counselling, engaging survivors to move on from their innormal situation to be themselves and move on; training of 26 community councillors from the three affected communities. Also Engaging the girls on the international Day of the Girl child in the old school camp on their resilience to their present situation and say no to child marriage. Many thanks to our Donor Trocaire SL for this great support; from their funds also facilitated by Carl we ve been able to support 20 JSS1_3 with education package including school bags, text and exercise books and uniforms. This support not also limited to 27 women supplied with dignity kit. At least Trocaire has put a smile on the faces of our beneficiaries


Every secret sin comitted in secret places shall be made manifest before the living God. All sinners shall receive their due recompense from the Holy God. Repent and Surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

Rest in peace Rev. S.O.J. Valcarcel It is well. Finishing well in God s service. You finished well pa val You never fear death pa val You were prepared for it pa val The youth fellowship will miss you. You were our adviser Our teacher Our lecturer Our mentor Our Historian Our daddy. You supported us on our 40th Anniversary, you were part of it. Pa we will for ever miss you. We will miss the smile, the tap on the back, the fun, the Sunday hand shake. Pa val, u always gave us the opportunity to talk with you. The Emmanuel Baptist youth fellowship will for ever miss you. Sleep on Pa Val. You died serving the Lord Rest in peace.

God loves us enough to want what s best for us God is wise enough to know what s best for us God is powerful enough to do what s best for us

PRAYER FOR TODAY Sunday 23rd October, 2016. With Dr. Sahr G. Robert Sonsiamaor the Lord with your capital and sufficiency [from righteous labors] and with the firstfruits of all your income; So shall your storage places be filled with plenty, and your vats shall be overflowing with new wirov. 3:9-10 Ampl.) I declare this day by the power of the infallible word of God, receive grace for kingdom investment; may you always have the passion to support God s work with your resources in the name of Jesus! As you do so, may your love, passion and zest for Him increase in Jesus name! I pray for your returns, may you never lack, let your reserves continually increase to overflowing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!

@ARUNA TURAY 2015-08-04


Oh Lord! convert our discomfort to comfort,our pains to gains,our minimum to maximum,our losses to profits,our tears to smiles,our sorrows to pleasures,our bad wishers to well wishers,our debts to credits and our good dreams to realities. Amen!.

I am pleased to inform our esteemed members, friends and well wishers alike, that the Branch launched its church extension project on Sunday 6 October 2013. The launching ceremony attracted the presence of the first gentleman of the republic His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, other government functionaries and ministers of the gospel. Work on the extension project is scheduled to commence in January 2014. We are kindly appealing to all and sundry (at home and in the diaspora) to meaningfully contribute towards the success of the project. I urge you all to be a part of building God s temple. Ibrahim Offie Kamara

Apostles: Chief Apostle The Chief Apostle is the head of the church. His position is equivalent to the one Apostle Peter had 2,000 years ago in the circle of the Apostles. Traditionally only the Chief Apostle appoints new apostles although at times of necessity, such as during World War II, he can commission an apostle to ordain other apostles. The Chief Apostle is only the head of the church here on earth; Jesus Christ is the head of all souls. Jean-Luc Schneider is the current Chief Apostle.