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@TGNC Harare 2017-12-03

As we close, strange powers were scattered: we have been ushered into a season of solutions Uebert Angel

Hidden enemies have destroyed companies, businesses, marriages, careers and ministries ✅ Mark 14:18 And as they sat and did eat, Jesus said, Verily I say unto you, One of you which eateth with me shall betray me. Don t not show anyone your weak points, they will use against you Do not tell your plans to every person that comes near you, they will destroy you before you realize it And don t ask for help from anyone around you, they will finish you

Prophetess Elizabeth Daniels Preaching Glory to Lord. What a Blessed Sunday. Thank you Lord for using your vessel Prophetess Elizabeth Daniels in a Mighty way. THE ANNOINTING WAS TOO MUCH

When Adam was chucked out of the Garden of Eden, everything rebelled against him. But how come when Noah was putting all the animals in the Ark, they obeyed? The answer is Noah exercised DOMINION!

we are back at mabelreign girls high>>>> join us for prayers at 9am Sabbath school, Divine service at 11am, and afternoon prayer and testimony time @2:30pm

What a way to celebrate the Church s 40 year achievement, in great style. What has been your most memorable event during the programme that warmed your heart and made you even stronger spiritually? Lets share..

Theme: I shall be made Whole Mark 5:28 Come and experience - Deliverance from Evil Spirits; and demonic oppression -deliverance from drugs, pornographic and other addictions; bad dreams - the baptism in the Holy Ghost - A fresh impartation of the Anointing SEE GOD S POWER IN ACTION